It’s About Time You Got a Power Pressure Cooker, Don’t You Think?

One pot meals are truly the next best thing since sliced bread. There’s no denying that. The convenience that a one pot meal allows you, combining all of your favorite ingredients into one dish and coming out with a crowd favorite delicacy in half the time, is an undefeated technique for “kitchenistas” everywhere. While casseroles and other one pot meals have always been on the menu, their preparation method was not always preferred.

Before, making a one pot meal meant having to use that scary crock pot you tried to avoid at all costs. The same crock pot that you weren’t sure if it would cook your food thoroughly or if there would be more green bean casserole on the ceiling than in the pot. But now, those days are long gone. If you’re still fiddling with a crock pot, it’s time to upgrade to a Power Pressure Cooker. They’re like crock pots, but better. Here’s how:

Canning Made Easy
If you want to can, don’t even look at your slow cooker. You’re wasting your time. Power Pressure Cookers are ideal for pressure canning your favorite foods, jellies, meats, and fruits. Their ability to reach the temperature needed for canning is not something that can be achieved by a crockpot or slow cooker.

Living at a Higher Altitude
Anyone that lives or has camped at a high altitude knows how tricky it can be to cook. There are varying factors for cooking at higher altitudes, including the difference in pressure and water boiling temperature. Many crockpots make it harder to cook one pot meals thoroughly for those living in higher altitudes. However, investing in a Power Pressure Cooker means foods, like meats and even lentils, will cook more thoroughly and evenly.

One Pot Meals without the Advanced Planning
The biggest (and most convenient) difference between a Power Pressure Cooker and a crock pot is the speed. With a power pressure cooker, you can be relatively undecided about what to make for dinner until the midnight hour, or until your family keeps hounding you about dinner. In contrast, a crock pot requires hours of preparation. In order to eat dinner by 7:00 pm, you typically need to put everything in the crockpot by 7:00 am, 9:00 am at the absolute latest. Crockpots are not ideal for the last minute and on a whim dinner planners.



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