Power Pressure Cooker XL Reviews Preserving Food Using a Power Pressure Cooker

Freezing food has long been one of the most popular forms of food preservation. This practice has become some common and important to our culture that March is a month where we take a look at all the ways frozen food can make our life better. Not only is frozen food convenient, it can also be healthier for you too. These are just some of the many reasons March has been designated as National Frozen Food Month.

To celebrate, Power Pressure Cooker XL reviews how to preserve food using your power pressure cooker.

Whether it’s meats, vegetables, seafood, or poultry, it all can be preserved using the canning feature of your power pressure cooker and a freezer. This form of food storage is not only economical, it’s nutritional.

First, you’ll need the following items to preserve your food properly:

  • A Power Pressure Cooker
  • Glass preserving jars, lids and bands
  • Utensils, such as wooden spoon, ladle and funnel
  • Jar lifter or heat-resistant secure-grip glove

Once you have everything you need, here’s how your go through the canning process with your Power Pressure Cooker, make it even easier by having a preset canning mode that ensures the proper pressure, temperature and time.

Fill your glass jars with your prepared food and apply the lids and bands. Fill your Power Pressure Cooker about two-thirds of the way up with water and place the glass jars inside. Once you lock the lid and hit the canning preset button, the Power Pressure Cooker reaches 80-kPa/11.6 psi, which is the required pressure for canning. This Power Pressure Cooker is also designed to accommodate pint-size (16 oz.) jars or smaller. Quart-size (32 oz.) jars will not fit.

Once the timer reaches zero, release the pressure valve and remove the lid once all the pressure has been released. When you remove the glass jars from the hot water the heat begins to escape and takes the air in the jar with it, creating an airtight seal.

Now that your food is preserved in sealed glass jars, you can either store your jars in a cool, dark place for relatively immediate consumption or freeze them for longer storage.

Power Pressure Cooker XL reviews trending topics that relate to cooking food in a power pressure cooker. Come back soon to read more Power Pressure Cooker XL reviews that will help your life in the kitchen.

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